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Tuesday, February 11th 2014

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Mark your calendars for MSTH’s Board Meeting at 6:30 PM CST at Elmhurst Public Library. We encourage all residents to attend.



The first phase of the porch replacement project has been completed.  All residents may now replace their personal items on the porches and patios.  However, please note that all items must be removed prior to porch replacement.  Residents will be notified approximately one week in advance when their porch is scheduled for construction.  Phase II begins Monday, July 14, weather permitting. 

While access to the community area will not be completely restricted, residents are asked to please avoid the area, if at all possible, especially during work hours.  Work will commence no earlier than 7 AM and will stop no later than 6 PM, as per City of Elmhurst code.  As always, all work is weather-dependent.

Owners should not interfere with the work or the workers.  If you have any questions, please contact Caruso Management Group at 630-717-7188 or .


The Board has selected 3 replacement doors for the garage service/man door.  There are 3 price points, depending on the door selected.  All doors are available for purchase at and installation by Home Depot.  Please note that, according to the Association's Declaration, doors (and windows) are owner responsibility.  Owners may paint or replace their existing door, however, the Board must approve this work prior to beginning the project.  Caruso Management Group has a list of all relevant paint colors for the doors, which are owner responsibility.  Please contact Caruso Management at for further information.


In order to maintain a uniform appearance of the buildings and the integrity of the Community Area, no alterations, additions or improvements shall be made to the Private Alley Area, the Community Areas, or the Home Exterior without the prior approval of the Board. Townhome Owners are required to submit an Architectural Control Committee Form (ACC), a copy of which may be obtained from Caruso Management Group, to the Association for review and approval prior to any work commencing.   Townhome Owners will receive written notice of the Board’s decision, or if more information is needed, within two weeks of the Owner’s ACC submission.  The Association may require a Townhome Owner, at the Townhome Owner’s expense, to remove any exterior alterations that have been made without prior Board approval.  Further, as provided in the Declaration, the Association may, but is not obligated to, enter upon that portion of the property upon which the unauthorized alterations have been made, remove such alterations and charge any and all expenses incurred back to the Townhome Owner’s assessment account. 

Please refer to Section 3.05 in the Market Square Townhome Association Declaration for further clarification.


Due to the extraordinarily cold and snowy winter, there are a large number of ice dams/icicles at Market Square.  Ice dams are caused by heat build-up inside attics, which melts the snow from underneath.  When the water reaches the edge of the roof, it will freeze if the outside temperature is 32 degrees or below.  If there is enough snow on the roof and the temperatures are cold enough, the melting and freezing process will continue day after day.  When the weather turns warm, the rate of melting accelerates and forms a pond of water which may infiltrate the unit.

Ice dams can be prevented by controlling the heat loss from your unit.  The objective is to make the roof as uniformly close to the outside temperature as possible.  Improving your attic's insulation is the most effective strategy for combating ice dams.  Generally, the higher the R rating of the insulation, the better.  Current City of Elmhurst building code requires R47.  When Market Square was built, the City required only R39.  While it is not required to upgrade your insulation, it may help deter the formation of ice dams and the potential for water infiltration into your unit.  It is also important to insure that existing soffit vents are not plugged with existing insulation.

Another option is the installation of an attic fan.  An attic fan turns on when the interior temperature of the attic exceeds 32 degrees.  The fan then circulates exterior air through the attic, lowering the temperature to 32 degrees to preclude warming the roof which melts the snow.  An attic fan can also help keep your unit cooler in the summer.  As always, if you plan to install an attic fan, you must submit a completed ACC form (attached) which will then be reviewed by the Board.  Installation may not occur until written approval has been received.

Additionally, lowering the humidity in your unit helps prevent not only ice damming but also condensation on your windows.  The two main things you can do to control humidity in your home are to control the sources of moisture and increase the ventilation.  It is recommend to turn your humidifier off or as low as comfortable, especially in very low temperatures.  Use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathrooms.  Consider using ceiling fans to circulate air.  It is also recommended to keep draperies and shades open to circulate air around the inside glass.


Elmhurst is expecting warmer temperatures and rain next week.  It has been recommended by our snow removal vendor that units may benefit from removing snow from near your unit, including the patio and window well.  If you choose this option, please make sure you do not shovel the snow onto the walkways.

Additionally, it may be prudent to make sure that your sump pump is in good working condition, including the battery backup, if applicable.


Market Square Townhome owners are members of Elmhurst City Centre (ECC).  Each owner pays approximately $400 per year in taxes to support Elmhurst City Centre (listed as "Elmhurst Spec Serv 7 on your tax bill).  Because of this, Market Square is entitled to representation on the City Centre Board of Directors.  We have recently been informed that we may appoint an alternate to our regular representative.  The ECC Board meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:30 AM at Elmhurst City Hall, 209 N. York.  It is important that Market Square is adequately represented.  If any owner is interested in volunteering, please contact Caruso Management Group at


A special meeting was held on Tuesday, February 11 to vote on the merger between the Market Square Townhomes and Market Square Master.  The merger proposition passed.  The Market Square Master has been merged into the Market Square Townhome Association.  The Townhome Association is now responsible for all maintenance as described in the Master Declaration, including snow removal and landscaping.